Eligibility Disclosure

You are responsible for verifying that you are eligible to enroll in this insurance plan. Eligibility requirements, benefits, exclusions and other important information about the plan are contained in the plan brochure and/or certificate, available from the listed insurance carrier. USI Insurance Services maintains its right to investigate student status and attendance records to verify that you meet the policy eligibility requirements. If and whenever it is discovered that you have not met the policy eligibility requirements, the only obligation is a pro-rata refund of premium. Enrollment in an insurance plan of which a person is knowingly ineligible constitutes Insurance Fraud that may be prosecuted under State Laws. Purchase of student health insurance is for a limited term of coverage that expires on the last day of the term you select. You will not receive a renewal notice at the end of the term, and you must re-enroll to extend your insurance coverage and eligibility to receive benefits.

Before enrolling in coverage, it is strongly recommended that you review the plan brochure and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) documents.

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