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Available Policies for : Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

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2017-2018 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - International

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Do not purchase insurance here for quarters you are enrolled in classes. You will be enrolled in the plan when you register for classes and charged for the insurance along with your tuition fees. You may purchase insurance here to continue coverage during summer break, academic training, or practical training (OPT). J-1 VISITING SCHOLARS and STUDENT INTERNS may purchase insurance here. Please contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services if you need assistance at 800-853-5899.

2017-2018 On Call International (Med Evac & Repat)

ONLY for International Students who have a campus approved Medical Insurance Policy. Please Note: Coverage must start and end within your current academic year. Wells Fargo Insurance Services receives commission for the administration of this policy

2017-2018 Aetna Vital Savings Optional Dental

Enrollment in the Aetna Vital Savings Discount Dental program is FINAL. No Refunds are allowed.